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"Our Promise/Service Guarantee"

At Premiere Copier, our Service Guarantee is simple: we guarantee your satisfaction. And with our professional service and trained technicians, we're confident that you'll have that.

We seek to select office equipment most-suitable for your needs, aimed at dramatically enhancing your office experience, and pledge to address your service calls promptly because we value your time. We pride ourselves on fixing most technical problems on our first visit to you, and we also monitor the performance of our equipment in order to ensure that the quality meets both your expectations and ours.

All in all, we seek to maintain the highest standards in all areas and in technology, response time, and service. So as we said - the guarantee is simple. It's just what you should be getting from anyone you do business with

Service Department business hours are from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday

Service Representatives

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Printer/Copier Drivers & Instructions Below - CLICK HERE for FAQ's & Help Files

Driver Downloads
Click on the various links below to download your appropriate copier driver or scanner utility. 

(Download & installation times may vary according your internet and computer speed.)

By downloading these drivers you agree to the installation software agreement.

For Kyocera/Copystar Drivers click HERE

Printer Driver Installation Procedure

  1. In a web browser go to the drivers section of the above website, locate the driver for the appropriate copier model and save it to your computer, usually to your desktop.
  2. Double-click on the downloaded file to run the install wizard.
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions
  4. Pick a location to extract the installations files to (you can just agree to default and click Next)
  5. When the greeting screen for the wizard comes up click Next.
  6. In the Connection selection window select the Local Connection.
  7. In the next window select your copier model and hit Next.
  8. In the port selection window choose to create a new port and select the Standard TCP/IP Port and click Next.
  9. Click next in the Add Port wizard's welcome screen.
  10. If you already know the IP Address of the printing system in your copier skip the next step
  11. To learn the IP Address of the printing system complete the following steps:
    1. Go to the actual copier.
    2. On the left side of the operations panel press the printer key.
    3. On the screen hit the Printer Menu button
    4. On the screen hit the Print Status Page button
    5. On the screen hit Printing button to print the status page.
    6. On the page that printed out locate the IP Address

12. Enter the IP Address in the field Printer Name Or IP Address (Port Name field is filled out automatically) and click Next
13. In the next window click Finish to complete the Add Port Wizard
14. Enter the name for the printer if you like it to be different from the suggested default. Also choose if you'd like the copier to be used as your default printer and click Next.
15. Choose if you would like this copier to be shared on the network (Sharing is recommended if you are installing the drivers on a server) and click Next.
16. Choose if you want a test page to be printed and click Next
17. Verify that all the settings look right and click Install

Choose Not to Install the Optional Printer Components and click Next

  1. Choose Not to Install any more printers and click Finish
    You are done!!!

Please SAVE this installation Kyocera installer file on your desktop to a safe folder in your My Documents or burn it on a CD, in case you have to reinstall this print driver again.

For MAC Print Driver Installation:

  1. Make sure you have administrative permission to add programs and devices; also make sure copier is set to it's own IP address.
  2. Download the MAC driver and double click to install. The MAC installer program should list the copier and continue. When installation is completed you'll get dialogue box that says driver is installed click to continue or quit. Choose quit.
  3. Open a document to be printed in Word. Under the "File" menu, click "Print" and choose "Add Printer"
  4. The computer will search the network choose "Apple Talk" devices. Put name for copier in dialogue box. Also you'll see "use driver". Click down arrow and choose your copier name with "Gutenhiem"; i.e. KM 2530 Gutenheim.
  5. Choose Print. The document should print correctly

Printing Crash due to Microsoft Update / Blue Screen of Death Crash

Click HERE for the document on how to remove the MS Update to restore printing.